Syria’s Kurdish region a “Stricken area”, Kurdish Youth Movement says




ARA News

The General Council of the Kurdish Youth Movement in Syria called for all political, youth and civil organizations to put an end to the phenomenon of emigration taking place in the Kurdish cities towards the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Turkey.

According to statement issued by the movement’s General Council on Wednesday, “The Kurdish areas are evacuated of its inhabitants before violence reaches us. However, thousands of Kurdish youth and hundreds of families cross every day the Turkish border and Semalkah crossing with the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.”

The statement pointed out that the reason for this phenomenon is the economic blockade imposed by extremist armed brigades on the Kurdish areas, such as in Afrin and Kobanî, and the constant attacks of the al-Qaeda linked Islamist groups against several Kurdish areas north of Syria, such as in ere Kaniye/Ras Al-Ain.

“The high prices, the lack of employment opportunities, the greed merchants, and the lack of food, especially the remarkable shortage in the infant formula and basic medical products led to bad living conditions, leading us to declare the Kurdish areas in Syria as “stricken areas”,” The statement read.

The General Council of the Kurdish Youth Movement in Syria called for the Syrian opposition’s National Coalition and who administrate the affairs of the Kurdish areas to find urgent solutions for the “stricken areas”.

This came after the crossing border of Semalka witnessed a huge and unprecedented migration of people from the Kurdish region in Syria towards Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Remarkably, the estimation of those crossed the borders with the Kurdistan Region at over the past four days was approximately 30,000 people, according to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).


Source: ARA News


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