Syria’s Kurdish region receives Turkish humanitarian aid



ARA News

Derbassiyeh, Syriaــ  On Wednesday evening, a number of aid trucks entered the border crossing between Turkey and Syria from the Syrian city of Derbassiyeh −a neighboring city to Qazeltepe in Turkey.

The trucks were banned from entering by the Turkish government, and they remained parked in front of the crossing from the Turkish side for more than seven days.

Sources told ARA News that the aid convoy consisted of 15 trucks filled with food and children clothes, and two trucks have contained medicine and infant formula.

As the Turkish government prevents humanitarian aid from entering the Kurdish region in Syria, the Peace and Democracy Party in Turkey (BDP) and the Kurdish people of the region organized demonstrations and sit-ins to put pressure on the Turkish authorities in order to open the crossing before the trucks entry.

The Syrian Kurdish region sees nowadays a remarkable economic blockade by the Syrian regime, amid several calls from the Kurdish political parties to open the border crossings linking the region to neighboring countries − Turkey and Iraq.


Source: ARA News


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