Bread crisis hit northern Syria



ARA News

Tel Temir, Hasaka, Syria− Residents of Tel Temir town in al-Hasakah province suffer a sharp shortage in basic food supplies, mainly bread, locals reported. 

In Tel Temir, people spend hours at the door of the central furnace waiting for bread, but only the lucky few can receive few loafs of bread, while the rest need to wait until the next day for a similar opportunity. 

The northeastern province of Hasaka was known as Syria’s main resource of wheat. However, many of the province’s residents suffer from hunger due to the growing shortage in food supplies, wheat and flour, and the fuel needed for furnaces to operate, leaving civilians with an urgent need for aid. The current war conditions deepened Syrians’ suffering on different levels, especially the poor economic conditions, local sources said.

Jasim Wawi, a resident of Salmasa village (west of Tel Temir), told ARA News that the majority of the area’s residents lack basic winter supplies and that a wave of hunger surrounded civilians in the recent weeks. 

“The villagers were previously buying bread from al-Manajeer village, but because of the blockade imposed on the village by the Islamist armed battalions (which took the nearby villages of Arbeen and Laylan as strongholds), villagers are no longer able to go to the furnace of al-Manajeer,” Wawi said.


Reporting by: Dilbrin Shergo

Source: ARA News


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