Pro-PKK Syrian Kurds protest 15th anniversary of Ocalan arrest




ARA News

Amude, Syria− During the 15th anniversary of the imprisonment of the Kurdistan Workers Party’s (PKK) leader Abdullah Ocalan by the Turkish intelligence, supporters of the PKK-linked Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD) took to the street in different Kurdish areas north Syria on Saturday.

Ocalan was arrested by the Turkish security forces in 1999 for his leadership of the PKK, which struggled through an armed resistance against the Turkish authorities over nearly three decades. More than 40,000 fighters have been killed from both sides during the conflict which the PKK say was inevitable to gain the rights of the Kurdish people in Turkey.  

The PYD leadership −which adopts the ideology of Ocalan and the PKK− called on the residents of the Kurdish-populated areas in Syria to close their shops and join the commemoration of Ocalan’s imprisonment. 

“Vehicles of the PYD members wandered the streets and forced many shopkeepers to show respect to the PKK leader and close their shops on the 15th anniversary of his arrest,” a local source (preferred anonymity) told ARA News.  

Thousands of the PYD supporters protested in several areas north Syria, demanding the Turkish authorities to release the PKK leader. 

Nearly one year ago, Ocalan initiated a peace process with the Turkish government to end 30 years of conflict. Accordingly, the PKK fighters withdrew from Turkey to Iraqi Kurdistan under the sponsorship of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq. However, the Turkish authorities didn’t show intention to release Abdullah Ocalan yet. 


Reporting by: Rezan Mohammed

Source: ARA News


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