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Daraa, Syria– On Wednesday, opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) took control over the Central Prison of Gharz in Daraa province after clashes with the regime forces −which lasted for more than 10 days in the area, according to local sources.  

Haitham al-Nassar, a media activist based in Daraa city, told ARA News that FSA fighters of the al-Yarmouk Division controlled the entire prison south of al-Niema town in the countryside of Daraa and released around “294 detainees”.

“FSA fighters also controlled the regime’s Order Keeping Forces Battalion around the Central Prison in Gharz area earlier on Tuesday, after clashes with the regime forces before taking over the entire prison,” al-Nassar said. 

On the other hand, FSA sources reported that all those (detainees in the Central Prison of Daraa) who have been imprisoned on the background of their anti-regime activities will be release, while criminal prisoners will be kept detained to spend the duration of their sentence and their legal cases will be transferred to the Sharia Board. 

Notably, the FSA’s control over the Gharz Prison in Daraa is the first of its kind on this level, amid failure of the opposition fighters at gaining control over the Central Prison in Aleppo which has been besieged since almost a year.


Reporting by: Ahmad Hamad

Source: ARA News


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