Foreign militants involved in Qamishli bombings



ARA News 

Nusaybin, Turkey− The General Command of the Kurdish Assayish forces declared on Tuesday evening that foreign militants were involved in the explosions hit the Syrian northeastern city of Qamishli −where Kurds constitute a majority. 

“Among those who carried out the attack were an Egyptian, Saudi and Tunisian militants,” a statement issued by the Assayish General Command read.

On Tuesday, several explosions hit the city of Qamishli as a number of Islamist fighters dropped grenades into the building of the Transitional Government −declared by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and other allies nearly three months ago. Three PYD-linked Assayish forces and seven civilians were killed due to the bombings. 

The Assayish forces reportedly captured three of the executers, announcing that they are affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group (ISIL).

The al-Qaeda splinter group of ISIL adopted the “operation” in a statement published by ISIL-linked media sources on Tuesday evening.  

Aytan Firat, member of the Assayish General Command, said: “The investigations showed that among the executers were a Tunisian, a Saudi and an Egyptian, who are members of the ISIL.”  

“Such attacks are against democratic and civil society which runs itself by itself,” she said (in reference to the PYD-led Transitional Government).

Firat called on citizens in a media statement to cautious and inform the Assayish forces about “any strange moves” which may destabilize security and stability in “Rojava” cities −Kurdish areas north Syria. 


Reporting by: Zara Seyda

Source: ARA News


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