SNC-led Interim Government to pay suspended Syrian employees



ARA News

Nusaybin, Turkey– The SNC-led Syrian Interim Government decided last week to compensate state employees who have been suspended by the Assad regime −for their political activities− by paying them monthly salaries. The Syrian Interim Government is an alternative government formed by the Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and the Opposition (SNC). 

Mohammed Ali Wali, a member of the Syrian National Coalition, told ARA News that the Council of Ministers of the Syrian Interim Government decided in a meeting in Gaziantep city on Wednesday to pay monthly salaries to the suspended state employees.

“The decision came in the framework of the first steps taken by the Interim Government to provide Syrians with services,” Wali said.

However, the implementation of the decision will take some time until they audit names, make lists and determine the mechanism of paying the salaries, according to Wali.

“The amount of money allocated for the suspended employees is still unknown,” Wali stated. 

Abdulilah Ouji, a teacher who has been suspended for his anti-regime activities, told ARA News that the decision of the SNC-led government is “an advanced step” as it would ease the burden on the suspended employees and would limit the phenomenon of migration among them. 

Last Monday, the Directorate of Education and a number of governmental institutions in Hasaka province issued an official statement which entailed the suspension and stopping payment of 11 teachers and state employees in the predominantly Kurdish city of Amude, and demanded them to obligatorily show up at the Department of State Security in the nearby city of Qamishli.   


Reporting by: Zara Sayda

Source: ARA News


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