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Qamishli, Syria− In the predominantly Kurdish city of Qamishli, northeast of Syria, activists launched the first Kurdish museum in the area.

The museum, which opened its doors to visitors on Thursday, embraces various kinds of tools used by Kurds hundreds of years ago.

A variety of collections of traditional Kurdish tools and equipments could be seen in Qamishli museum, starting from clothes, daggers, weapons, and ending with wedding, agriculture, harvesting, lighting, hunting and cooking equipments. 

As Kurdish folk music could be heard in the museum’s main hall, the visitor is surrounded with Kurdish musical instruments in one of the museum’s rooms. 

Qamishli museum was opened under the name of “Martyr Ferhad Mohamad Ali Museum for the Kurdish Heritage”. The opening day coincided with the tenth anniversary of Ali’s death under torture by the Syrian authorities, following his detention in the Kurdish andti-Assad uprising of 2004. 

The museum comprises more than 850 traditional Kurdish antique pieces, mainly collected by Ahmed Sabri, uncle of “Martyr Ferhad Mohamd Ali”.

Sabri told ARA News that he spent more than twenty years of his life trying to collect these pieces from different Kurdish areas.  

Being the first Kurdish museum in Syria, the museum has attracted the residents of the city and its environs, as well as dozens of prominent artists and politicians interested in the Kurdish heritage. 


Reporting by: Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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