Kurds humiliated by Kurds in Syria


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Qamishli, Syria– The Kurdish Assayish forces –security wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)– arrested on Monday Salih Jamil, member of the Central Committee of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria (KDPS), and other members of the party near the border village of Karbalat while returning home from Iraqi Kurdistan. 

Speaking to ARA News hours after his release, Salih Jamil said that he was arrested together with 14 other members of his party (KDPS) by the Assayish forces while returning to the Syrian territories on Monday afternoon.

Jamil said that they were held by Assayish forces for 5 hours and then they were forced to return to the Iraqi Kurdistan territory.

According to Jamil, only 7 KDPS members were released, while the rest are still kept in the Assayish detention. 

“We are at the moment in a center of the Peshmerga forces of Iraqi Kurdistan near the border village of Sihla. We are in a constant contact with the leadership of our party to manage our return to Syria,” Jamil told ARA News.

Notably, members of the PYD-led Assayish forced a number of KDPS members to return to Iraqi Kurdistan on the 14th of this April after detaining them for hours. 

Kurdish Journalists Suppressed

In a relevant context, a PYD-linked group which called itself “the institution of the YPG martyrs’ families” reportedly kidnapped on Friday two journalists in Qamishli city and expelled them after one day of detention to the Iraqi Kurdistan territory. The group accused Peshwa Behlewi (correspondent of Kurdish Rudaw TV) and Rodi Ibrahim (correspondent of Syrian Orient News TV) of working for anti-Kurds media outlets, describing them as “traitors”.

“Nobody has the right to kidnap or banish journalists in this humiliating way,” argued Jiwan Ferso, a Syrian Kurdish journalist. “We have to legally hold the perpetrators responsible.” 

Speaking to ARA News, Chief Editor of Jisr Newspaper, Bahzad Haj Hamo, said: “This is not the first time that the PYD-linked forces violate people’s right to freedom of speech; several incidents of detention and humiliation against journalists took place in the Kurdish areas over the last few months.”

“The practices of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed forces unfortunately remind us of the suppression of the Baath Party against our people,” Hamo said. 

According to Salar Ose, a Syrian journalist, the lack of professional media outlets in Syria’s Kurdish areas is resorted to the “brutality of forces in control and the pressures political parties practice against journalists’ work”.

“Kidnapping and exiling Peshwa Behlewi and Rodi Ibrahim by the Assayish forces reflect the deep-rooted rifts within the Kurdish community in Syria. We strongly condemn such practices against journalists under any conditions,” said Ose. 


Reporting by: Saman Hassan

Source: ARA News


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