Mortar shells hit Christian area in old Damascus




ARA News

Damascus, Syria– Two civilians were reported dead and seven others injured as mortar shells hit Bab Tuma Square in the old city of Damascus on Monday evening. 

The district of Bab Tuma in Damascus embraces a majority of Christian inhabitants.

Yazin Ibrahim, a media activist based in Damascus city, told ARA News that mortar shells of unknown sources fell on the crowded Bab Tuma Square which resulted in the death of two civilians and the injury of seven others who were taken to nearby governmental hospitals. 

“It’s believed that the mortar shells were fired from nearby districts controlled by the opposition forces, aimed at targeting the police station located in Bab Tuma Square,” said Ibrahim. 

Meanwhile, two mortar shells hit Harasta district in the countryside of Damascus on Monday. According to local sources, the mortar shells which targeted Harasta were fired from the nearby rebels-held  town of Douma. No casualties were reported. 

In a linked context, a number of regime soldiers were killed and others injured due to the explosion of a car bomb near a regime-led checkpoint in Mashrou’ Dummar in the countryside of Damascus. According to activists, fighters of Sayif al-Sham Brigade executed the car bombing. After the explosion, the regime forces surrounded the location, preventing the movement of residents. 


Reporting by: Jewad al-Ali

Source: ARA News


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