Security vacuum overshadows life in Syria’s Qamishli




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Qamishli, Syria− The security vacuum in Syria’s northeastern areas appears to have opened the door for criminality, amid absence of an active authority to deter offenders and impose law. 

Dead body of a 55-year-old man was found last week in Maysaloun neighbourhood in the city of Qamishli, northeast of Syria.

Adnan Ali, a resident of Maysaloun neighbourhood in Qamishli, told ARA News that the residents of the neighbourhood found the body of Mohamad Khalaf, “who was apparently killed and thrown next to one of the neighbourhood’s houses”. 

“The residents notified the Assayish forces (security wing of the Democratic Union Party PYD) about the incident, who, in turn, took the body to Antariyah neighbourhood mosque and informed the victim’s family,” Ali said. 

Talking to ARA News, activist Zinar al-Sayyid attributed the incident to “the lack of security in Qamishlo/Qamishli as well as the prevalence of chaos in the city”.  

“The city has recently seen several cases of killing, abduction and robbery, some of them were led by financial motives while others were carried out for sake of revenge,” al-Sayyid said. 

However, Mohammed Saado, another activist in Qamishli, told ARA News: “The policies and practices of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its affiliated security forces have doubled the hostile actions against the Kurdish citizens and created sedition among the main social components in the area (in reference to Kurds, Arabs and Christians).”

The city of Qamishli and its environs −where Kurds constitute a majority− witnessed several cases of killing, abduction and robbery by anonymous people, as well as a number of bombardments which targeted the strongholds of the Kurdish Assayish forces and the pro-Assad National Defence militia. 


Reporting by Judi Aziz

Source: ARA News


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