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Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan– On the occasion of the World Theatre Day, which marks the 27th of March, Syrian refugee children in Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan made a performance of Shakespeare’s King Lear with the supervision of the Syrian director and actor Nawar Bulbul within the framework of his project “Shakespeare in Zaatari refugee camp”, which Bulbul started a few months ago. 

Around 80 children participated in the performance of the play, which took three months of training. The performance was presented with simple tools on an open-space stage in Zaatari Camp, while the refugees formed a large audience.

“Shakespeare in Zaatari Camp” falls within “the psychological support for children through drama performances”, according to the project’s supervisors. 

“These children are supposed to learn sciences, arts and music, and enjoy playing as other kids; however, they unfortunately live now too far from all of that,” said Nawar Bulbul, the project’s director.

Bulbul emphasized the importance of protecting children “from the struggles of adults” and offering them an environment where they can enjoy their childhood. 

The drama performance was accompanied with a painting drawn by the refugee children, with a length of 500 meters, which was a present from the Syrian children to the children of the world as an expression of peace.

Several Syrian artists attended the performance including the prominent actor Abdulhakim Qittefan and the actress May Sikaf, who are known for their support to the ‘Syrian revolution’.  

The Zaatari Camp is the biggest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, where more than 150k Syrian refugees live. Most of the refugees come from Daraa province and areas in the countryside of Damascus. The camp is located 20km away from al-Mafraq city in the middle of the desert, in northeastern Jordan. 

According to human rights’ organizations, around 8000 Syrian children have fallen victims as a result of the ongoing three-year-old war in Syria, while more than 2 million children have been deprived of the right to education.


Reporting by: Ehmed Herbi

Source: ARA News


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