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Derik, Syria– The predominantly Kurdish areas in Syria go through exceptional circumstances due to the ongoing crisis and as a result of political disputes−which have been manifested in the armed clashes across these areas and claimed lives of hundreds of civilians. The same circumstances have negatively influenced the educational system and its staff in the region, and caused considerably large psychological constraints among students.      

Mother of a student in Derik city talked to ARA News about the hardships she had to endure due to the absence of the father: “Since more than one and half a year, my husband headed to the Iraqi Kurdistan to work and support the family members, but his long absence put a psychological pressure on the children and led to a decline in their school performance.”

Faysal al-Qadri, one of the teachers who was recently suspended among other teachers by the Syrian Educational Ministry and was forced to head to the neighbouring countries looking for a job opportunity, told ARA News: “The reason behind the migration of educational staff is undoubtedly caused by the growing pressures and deteriorating economic situation in Syria.” 

While Hadi Khalil, a Syrian Kurdish teacher based Turkey, expressed to ARA News his disappointment about his current status after long years of service. 

“My educational service exceeded 18 years and my salary was 25.000 Syrian pounds, and I was supporting a family of 8 members. But due to the war circumstances −which resulted in the rise of prices− my monthly salary was not enough to cover more than the expenses of one week. I was then compelled to leave my work and go to Turkey to work in construction to be able to support my family members,” said Khalil. 

The consequences of the Syrian crisis are not limited to the school students and teachers, but also affected university students who were forced to leave their studies and seek work in the neighbouring countries for better living conditions. 

Speaking to ARA News, Khoshnav Khayr al-Din, a student of law in Aleppo University, said: “Although I insisted to continue my study, the deteriorating situation in Syria and the growing violence which contributed to the emergence of phenomena such as kidnapping and arbitrary arrests were sufficient reasons for me to leave my university (in Aleppo) behind and look for a safe haven in Turkey.”   

As the Syrian crisis entered its fourth year, school and university students have to endure difficulties accompanied with pursuing their studies. According to a recent report by the UNICEF, “three million Syrian children haven’t been able to get education since the beginning of the Syrian crisis in 2011”. The report also pointed out: “4000 schools are not able anymore to provide educational services, either for being damaged due to armed clashes or for being used as shelters for the displaced.” 


Reporting by: Jan Agha

Source: ARA News


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