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Hasaka, Syria– With the continuous attacks by militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on Kurdish inhabited areas in north and northeastern Syria, the number of bomb explosions in these areas has recently increased. The city of Hasaka and especially the predominantly Kurdish neighbourhood of Salihiya saw a series of bombings.   

Targeting Salihiya neighbourhood with bomb explosions started a few months ago. Explosion of improvised explosive devices and hand grenades have been reported, resulting in dozens of casualties among civilians, beside material damages in private properties. The Kurdish Assayish forces –security wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD)– which control the neighbourhood have failed in limiting these continuous explosions.

On Friday, April 11, an explosion hit the Bread Factory of Salihiya neighbouurhood, causing large material damage, but no casualties reported.

On April 12, the office of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria was targeted with a bomb attack. A second explosive device was deactivated. The executors remained unknown. 

On Monday, 14th of April, a sound bomb which was put in a garbage bag exploded in Masakin al-Siha Street and resulted in damages to commercial shops, private cars and houses. Two casualties among civilians were reported.  

The last explosion took place on Wednesday, April 16, as two unknown men who were riding a motorbike threw a hand grenade on a private bakery in al-Talaa area in Salihiya neighbourhood. The explosion claimed the life of a five-year-old child, while six others were seriously injured.

Banko Naso, member of the Local Committee of the Kurdish Yekiti Party, stated to ARA News: “The bomb explosions which target the city of Hasaka and in particular the predominantly Kurdish neighbourhoods aim at terrorizing the Kurdish residents to force them to emigrate and leave the area.” 

“The Syrian regime and its allies are directly responsible for these racially motivated attacks against the Kurdish areas,” Naso said. 

Naso also blamed the Kurdish Assayish forces for failing to protect the Kurds in Salihiya neighbourhood and called on the Kurdish population in Hasaka city not to leave their neighbourhoods “because it would allow those parties who stand behind these attacks to achieve their goal of forcing the emigration of Kurds”. 

Noteworthy, Salihiya is one of the predominantly Kurdish neighbourhoods in Hasaka city beside the neigbourhoods of Mufti, Aziziya and Nassra, while varying proportions of Kurds reside in other neighbourhoods of Hasaka.


Reporting by: Sipan al-Kurdi

Source: ARA News


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