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Gaziantep, Turkey− The Yezidi community across the world celebrated on Wednesday the “Charshema Sor” (Red Wednesday) feast, which marks the first Wednesday of April according to the Eastern calendar. It is the Yezidi New Year.  

Despite war, Syria’s Yezidi community celebrated the occasion in different areas. Yezidies in cities like Qamishli and Amude revived the Red Wednesday’s rituals amid participation of other social components in the area. 

According to the Yezidi mythology, “God have created the universe and planets during this month (April) and finished that on Wednesday.”  

One of the Yezidi verses written in Kurdish language reads: “The feast Wednesday is a day with no visitation, the good doors are opened from sunrise to sunset.”  

Some of the Yezidi religious rituals in this day are the sacrificial slaughter and the distribution of food to poor people. Flowers and anemone are collected and used to decorate the doors. In addition, visiting cemeteries and sanctuaries in the morning and exchanging visits among families and relatives is part of theses rituals.   

For many ancient and celestial religions, April is one of the sacred months. In Palestine, for example, Muslims still celebrate the “Eggs Thursday” feast that marks the second Thursday of April. It is part of the social customs for the Palestinian society though being related to ancient cultures like the Phoenician. People colour eggs like in other religions. Pharaohs also celebrate this month and colour the eggs of ostriches, ducks or gooses, believing that “life springs from eggs”, as mentioned in many Pharaoh-related historical researches. 

Jewish people celebrate the Easter feast on April 15. It lasts for seven days and prohibits working on the first and last day.  Christians also celebrate this month with the same name, the Easter or Resurrection feast i.e. the Resurrection of Christ from death to life. They also colour eggs as they symbolize life.  

Alawites celebrate on April 4 in the Eastern calendar. They call it “the Fourth” feast, while in the Syrian coast, people know it as the “Pine” feast and celebrate it in the nature. 

Yezidies also colour eggs as they symbolize the “roundness of the earth”. According to Yezidies, everything on earth is reflected in the egg from the crust to the different organic materials and life effluent from inside the egg itself. Colouring eggs refers to the colours of nature in the fertility month. The eggs peels are collected and sprinkled on the lands to bring good fortune.   

The Yezidi religion prevails in northern Syria, Mesopotamia and some regions in India, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. While the main Yezidi temples are located in Iraqi Kurdistan, where thousands of Yezidi pilgrims proceed along every year.  


Reporting by: Ali Isso

Source: ARA News


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