KNC condemns Islamists’ attacks on Kurdish areas, north Syria


ARA News

Kobane, Syria− The Kurdish National Council’s (KNC) Local Committee in Kobane city issued a statement on Sunday condemning the attacks launched by the al-Qaeda splinter group of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) on Kobane in Aleppo province, north of Syria.

According to the KNC, the city of Kobane and its environs were repeatedly subjected to vicious attacks by the ISIL militants, which were described as “terrorist” attacks against civilians, “with the support of the Syrian regime in order to displace people and take control over the Kurdish populated areas”.

“Islamist militants of ISIL attacked the southern countryside of Kobane in each of Sabteh, Sefi, and al-Sune’ Zureik, last night (Saturday) in a try to control them,” the KNC statement read. “The attack caused the death of Kurdish civilians, as well as looting properties of the stormed houses.” 

The statement called on people of the region to support the forces stationed in the region against these “vicious attacks” carried out by “terrorist groups” (in reference to ISIL) against the people of Kobane. The statement called on people to cling to their land and defend it by all means available.

That KNC appealed to all the forces and political parties, including the Syrian opposition, to bear their responsibility “towards the massacres and atrocities against the people of Kobane”, describing ISIL militants as “the forces of ignorance and darkness”.

Meanwhile, the KNC statement emphasized that the optimal solution for the Kurdish issue in Syria lies in activating the Erbil agreement (signed between rival Syrian Kurdish political forces nearly two years ago as a framework uniting the political Kurdish movement in the face of these challenges).

Mustafa Khalil, head of the Media Office at the KNC, told ARA News that defending Kobane area is a duty of all forces without exception, pointing out that the KNC revealed a clear position towards those “terrorist groups” by refusing any kind of aggression against the Kurdish areas.

Mustafa pointed out that the ISIL is targeting the Kurds on racial basis, through cutting electricity and water from the city as well as preventing the entry of relief supplies and food. 

“The ISIL militants detained Kurdish civilians on racial basis,” Mustafa said.

According to observers, the al-Qaeda splinter group of ISIL is planning to take control over the Kurdish region in Syria to turn it then into several Islamic states, similar to what the group did in Raqqa province and some other areas.

Notably, the predominantly Kurdish city of Kobane is besieged by the ISIL group (which controls its surroundings) as its countryside witnesses sporadic clashes between the Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units (PYD-linked military force) and the ISIL group.


Reporting by: Sadruddin Kino

Source: ARA News

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