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Derik, Syria− Nomination to the Syrian presidential elections, scheduled on the third of next June, was closed on Thursday. According to the Supreme Constitutional Court, the number of applicants is 24, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Adnan Zreq, president of the Supreme Constitutional Court, stated to the Syrian state TV that the court is going to consider the applications starting on Friday and have its first announcement within five days at maximum, “according to the constitution and the elections law”.

Mohamad Jihad Allaham, head of the Syrian Parliament, announced that the Parliament had received notifications from the Supreme Constitutional Court, concerning presidential candidacy forms of Zyad Adnan Hakwati, Ahmad Ali Qase’a, Mohamad Nasr and Ali Hasan al Hasan.  

Among the candidates, along with Bashar al-Assad, are: Maher al-Hajjar, Hassan Abdullah Nouri, Sawsan Omar Haddad, Mohamed Firas Rjouh, Samir Ahmed Al Mu’alla, Abd al Salam Salamah, Ali Mohamed Wannos, Azza Mohamed wajih al Hallaq, Tali’a Saleh Nasser, Samih Mikhail Mosa, Mahmoud Khalil Halbouni, Mohamed Hassan al Kan’an,  Khaled Abdo Alkridi, Bashir Mohamed al Balah, Ahmad Hassoun al Aboud, and Ayman Shamdin al Issa al Alam. 

Speaking to ARA News, Mustafa Othman, vice president of the Kurdish National Council in Syria (KNC), described the Syrian regime of being “totalitarian” and “change colours depending on situations.”

He also commented on “the alleged pluralism” of the presidential candidates saying: “The regime is pretending to be democratic and pluralistic, so we have different candidates now, still the sole actual candidate is Bashar al Assad.”

“By doing this, the regime is manipulating the media and trying to agitate the opposition and the international and Arab public opinion,” Othman told ARA News

The United Nations and Western countries have warned the Syrian regime not to hold these elections, arguing that these elections “will have negative consequences on reaching a political solution to the Syrian crisis.”

State employees obliged to elect Assad

Mohammed Az-Zaal, the governor of Hasaka held a meeting last week with mayors and directors of a number of schools in the city of Qamishli, northeast of Syria, ordering everyone to show up on presidential elections’ day and cast their ballots in favour of President Bashar al-Assad, according to Mohammed Jassim, director of a secondary school, who talked to ARA News after the meeting. 

Jassim added that the governor (Az-Zaal) threatened the directors and other employees that they will be suspended in case of refusal to participate in the elections. 

Mohammed Hussein, a primary school teacher, told ARA News that he is teaching for ten years now and he will never elect Assad.

“I will never elect Bashar al-Assad, despite the possibility of being suspended and the difficulties I may experience in the coming days,” Hussein said.

Notably, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has introduced his candidacy papers to the Parliament, after a number of “other candidates” nominated themselves to the presidency. Assad was reportedly the last one who introduced his papers.


Reporting by: Yaqoub Khalil and Zara Seyda   

Source: ARA News


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