After 21 years imprisonment, Syrian equestrian released


The Syrian equestrian Adnan Qassar before detention (L) and after release (R)

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – After 21 years of seizure, Adnan Qassar, the Syrian chivalry team leader before 1993, was released on Sunday by the Syrian authorities in Damascus, in pursuance of Bashar al-Assad’s presidential amnesty, which was issued after his third-round reelection.

According to legal organizations, Qassar was arrested in 1993 “due to a dispute with Basil al-Assad, Hafez al-Assad’s late son, on charges of assassination attempt of Basil”. No trial took place and Qassar was jailed in Tadmur prison in central Syria, with the political and military internees.

All efforts to release Qassar failed, especially after Basil’s death in a mysterious car accident in 1994.

Talking to ARA news, dissented judge Ibrahim Hussein said:”Qassar’s case is one of the many examples on the regime’s treatment of Syrians and an unequivocal proof on violating laws.”

“Many people are arrested in the regime’s jails with no trial or legal document. This seizure is a crime in itself and a constitutional violation, still it is nothing comparing to the regime’s crimes since the start of revolution (in March 2011),” said Hussein. “We hope to see those criminals prosecuted someday for their arbitrary practices.”

According to the Syrian Violations’ Documentation Center, “the number of internees in the regime’s jails reached 10 thousand.”

Moreover, many photos, leaked from these prisons, documented the “death of thousands of internees under systematic torture”.

The Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued an amnesty decree last week for the crimes committed before 9 June 2014.

The decree, published by SANA (Syrian Arab News Agency), stipulates “Granting amnesty for the whole punition of the crimes related to terrorist conspiracies or assemblies, established to change the economical or social structure of the state or the society’s essential circumstances”.

The punition of these crimes is 10-20 year task work, according to the legal articles mentioned in the decree.


Reporting by: Sadruddin Kino

Source: ARA News

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