Folded paper and damaged devices: exhibition launched in Qamishli


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Qamishlo, Syria Among the events arranged on the 57 anniversary of its formation, the Kurdish National Democratic Party in Syria held an exhibition for artists Sozan Btal and Ammar Mosa earlier this week in Qamishli city, northeast of Syria.

The exhibition contained two divisions; the first included old Japanese art of Origami, which uses and folds paper to form realistic shapes. The second showed damaged electronic devices to also imitate reality.

Sozan Btal told ARA News “I’m a specialist in Origami art that uses paper to form three dimension shapes. I use it to maintain the Kurdish folklore.”

Ammar Mosa, on the other hand, stated to ARA News “I’m trying to evoke life in the broken-down electronic devices.”

Speaking to ARA News, Tahir Sifoug, the secretary of the Kurdish National Party, said: “In all countries, literates and artists have a commitment to develop their countries. We are trying to achieve this for Kurds, through working with youth groups.”

“The role of artists is not different from the role of politicians, media people and fighters. We thank artists and everyone who tries to enrich and develop the Kurdish folklore.”


Reporting by: Rodi Ahmad

Source: ARA News

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