Turkish movie wins Erbil’s cinematography award


From Erbil International Film Festival. Photo: ARA News

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan The Turkish movie “Soğuk” (cold) won the best cinematography award in Erbil International Film Festival in Iraqi Kurdistan. kj

The firstErbil International Film Festival” was closed on Tuesday in Erbil city, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, in Sa’ad Abdulla conference hall.

The five-day festival was closed by delivering awards to the winning movies of different categories, including the festival’s best cinematography award for the Turkish movie “Soğuk”, the best actress award for the Iranian actress Mahnaz Afnash, and many other awards for long and short movies, such as The Cotton, I’m Sami, The Death Triangle, Lost in Dust and others.

Honorary awards, with the names of the prominent Kurdish director Yilmaz Goni and well-known singer Shivan Perwer, were delivered, including “the symbol of peace and brotherhood” award to the writer Ismael Bishekgi.

Shivan Perwer heading to the stage. ARA News

Perwer, who delivered the award to Bishikgi, said: “I’m very happy that we are in the liberated side of Kurdistan today, after the large number of martyrs, to introduce the Kurdish heritage and cinema to the world.”

Many well-known artistic celebrities attended the festival, such as the Syrian actress Mona Wasif and director Ali Badr Khan, to be members of the long movies’ Arbitration Committee. Ahmad Milli and Jihan Abd al-Azem, from Syria, also attended as well as many other actors and directors from different countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Iraq, UAE, Turkey and Iran.

The festival was presided by the Kurdish actor and director Nasir Hassan.

Sihvan Perwer closed the festival with a Kurdish musical concert.

Erbil has for the first time hosted an International Film Festival, which was organized within the framework of “Erbi: Capital of Arab Tourism 2014” activities. The festival was held under the sponsorship of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

Reporting by: Slava Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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