Does PYD oppose independence of Iraqi Kurdistan?


Dozens gathering in front of Iraqi Kurdistan's Parliament demanding independence. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – Hussen Kocher, leading member of the Democratic Union Party in Syria (PYD), expressed his disagreement with the potential declaration of independence in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kocher said in a statement on his personal Facebook page that the intention of Massoud Barzani, President of Iraqi Kurdistan, to hold referendum regarding independence of Iraqi Kurdistan “comes in an inappropriate timing”. “The current phase is inconvenient for Iraqi Kurds to demand independence.”

However, Ibrahim Ibrahim, a member of the PYD Media Assembly in Europe, told ARA News: “We will support the Kurdish people’s decision in southern Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan Region); this is the official standpoint of our party (PYD). Any of our party mates’ opinion on facebook pages (in reference to Kocher) does not express the party’s attitudes.”

Ibrahim condemned the accusations addressed to his party of supporting al-Maliki’s government after building coalition with Bashar al-Assad.

Talking to ARA News, prominent Kurdish journalist Fayiq Adel Yazidi criticized Kocher’s statement saying: “This standpoint is against the Kurds’ ambition in having independent Iraqi Kurdistan. This is a normal attitude from a member of a political party which never worked for the Kurdish national sake; rather for its shallow political interests.”

In response to Kocher’s statement that “the independence project” is “an Anglo-American Turkish project to target Kurdistan Workers’ Party PKK”, Yazidi said: “We heard this nonsense in the eighties of the twentieth century.”

“PKK and its affiliated parties keep repeating this whenever their political work fails,” Yazidi told ARA News.

“Kocher’s statement does not serve the Kurdish issue; it rather serves the regional intelligence agendas that target Iraqi Kurdistan,” Yazidi concluded.

Noteworthy, the leader of the PYD (Syrian version of the PKK) Salih Muslim stated on Monday that “the era of the nation-state has gone”, in a reference to the Iraqi Kurdistan’s intention to announce independence.


Reporting by: Azad Jamkari

Source: ARA News

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