SNC demands Iraq-style intervention in Syria


Hadi al-Bahra, president of the SNC. File photo

ARA News 

Gaziantep, Turkey – The Syria National Coalition (for revolutionary forces and the opposition) called on the international community to intervene in Syria and target locations of the Islamic State (IS) similar to the recent U.S.-led aistrikes against the group in northern Iraq.  

The SNC’s plea came during a meeting for the coalition’s members in Turkey’s Gaziantep on Saturday. 

U.S. officials reportedly asked the Syrian opposition earlier this week to demand the international community to take action against IS militants in Syria. 

The SNC as well as the armed opposition’s leadership of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) also called on the western powers to help them in fighting against the pro-Assad army in Syria. 

“The entire world is invited to intervene in a quick and effective way in order to support the fighters of the Free Syrian Army, who are fighting the gangs of terrorism,” said Hadi al-Bahra, the president of the SNC.

“I call on the UN, and all countries that believe in freedom, including the US, to deal with the situation in Syria the same way they have dealt with the situation in Kurdistan, Iraq,” Bahra said. “The reasons are the same, the enemy is the same.”

Reporting by: Dilyar Silo 

Source: ARA News

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