SNC urges U.S. to back Syrians against Islamists, similar to Iraq


Leader of the Syrian National Coalition SNC, Hadi al-Bahra (C). File photo

ARA News

Hasakah, Syria – Following the limited operations by the U.S. air force against locations of militants of the Islamic State (IS) in northern Iraq, Syrian opposition –which for months demanded the West to interfere in Syria– expressed their support to further intervention in Syria against IS group.

The Syrian National Coalition (for revolutionary forces and the opposition) issued a statement on Monday expressing concerns about the “violations and danger” of the Islamic State (IS) in both of Iraq and Syria.

“The Syrian National Coalition (SNC) and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) have first alerted the international community about the growing threat of the Islamic State group, initiating the demand to fight since the beginning of this year, and stood alone throughout this period without receiving the necessary support in their fight against this extremist group and the terrorism of criminal Assad regime,” the statement read.

The SNC added that the danger of IS group dramatically expands across the region and cannot be ignored. “There is no excuse for those who stand silently in front of the growing danger of such a group in the region,”SNC leadership said, pointing out that the FSA will be able to change the situation on the ground in Syria by receiving qualitative weapons.

The Coalition reiterated in its statement condemnation to the aggression and suppressive practices of IS militants against civilians both in Syria and Iraq, especially after the recent attack of IS against the Yezidi minority in northern Iraq.

Speaking to ARA News, Shoresh Darwish, member of the Central Committee in the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, said that the SNC’s statement carries a desire that the United States shall intervene in Syria against IS group for the benefit of the Syrians, as the American limited strikes against the IS-held positions in Iraqi Kurdistan achieved positive and quick results on the level of fighting in northern Iraq and adjacent areas.

“The Syrian opposition realized later that the American military intervention is not linked to the decision or the authorization of the Security Council, and is not associated with satisfying the Russians to prevent them from using the veto either,” Darwish stated to ARA News.

Darwish also emphasized that the U.S. and its partners will not respond to the call of the SNC, despite the Syrians’ legitimate right of gaining aid and assistance, beside the international community’s responsibility of saving Syrians from two tyrannical enemies; the Syrian regime on the one hand and the Islamic State on the other hand.


Reporting by: Jiwan Ibrahim

Source: ARA News

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