Syria rebels vow pro-Assad army in Aleppo


Remnants of bombarded buildings in Aleppo city. File photo

ARA News 

Aleppo, Syria – Three civilians were reported dead and five others wounded on Friday in a aerial bombardment by the pro-Assad warplanes on Qarrah village in the countryside of Aleppo, northern Syria, local sources reported.

Speaking to ARA News, Imad Hussein, civil rights activist from the city of Aleppo, said that the pro-Assad warplanes targeted the residential buildings in the village of Qarrah, with guided missiles, killing three civilians and wounding five others, most of them are critical cases. “The injured were transferred to nearby field hospitals in the region area.”

The pro-regime warplanes also targeted with rockets and heavy machine guns the city of Manbij in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, resulting in the death and injury of dozens.

Meanwhile, at least five civilians were wounded after several explosive barrels hit Hulok neighbourhood in the city of Aleppo, local sources said.

Hussein Abdul Salam, civil rights activist based in the city of Aleppo, stated to ARA News that five civilians were injured in the aerial bombardment of the pro-Assad helicopters on al-Hasya village. The injured were rapidly transferred to the field hospital in the village.

“A similar strike hit al-Inzarat neighbourhood in central Aleppo without recording casualties,” Abdul Salam added.

In the meantime, rebels of al-Mujahideen Army announced in a statement on Friday that start of “Al-Mighirat Subhan” Battle to control regime-held areas in Aleppo, which includes areas of al-Rashideen, Rwad al-Siyaha, Dahiyat al-Assad, the Military Academy and al-Hikma School, coinciding with clashes between the pro-regime military forces and members of al-Mujahideen Army faction.


Reporting by: Haya al-Abdullah

Source: ARA News

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