Syrian rebels control crossing at Israeli border


Al-Qunaitra boder crossing near Golan Heights, the Syrian-Israeli borders. File photo

ARA News

Daraa, Syria Following intensive clashes with the Syrian regime’s military forces on Wednesday, opposition fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) were finally able to control the al-Qunaitra border crossing with the Golan Heights, in southern Syria.

Speaking to ARA News in Daraa, civil activist Haytham al-Nassar said: “Clashes started between FSA fighters (backed by Islamic rebels) and members of the regime’s army.”

“The clashes took place along the border with the Syrian Golan Heights, ending with FSA control over the crossing,” Al-Nassar added.

Al-Nassar also pointed out that several rebels’ factions had previously announced their intention to launch extended military operations against headquarters of the pro-Assad army in the southern environs of al-Qunaitra to control each of the border crossings with Israel, the old city of al-Qunaitra and al-Roadi region.

The clashes came amid aerial shelling carried out by the regime’s air force on the town of Jeba in al-Qunaitra middle strip as well as artillery shelling from the regime’s strongholds in the hills surrounding the border crossing.

Based on Israeli military sources, the regime’s forces regained control of the area last June following the armed opposition fighters’ brief hold over the crossing.


Reporting by: Ahmed Hammad

Source: ARA News

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