‘Circling’: Syrian short film competes in Harlem International Film Festival


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Beirut, Lebanon Over three years of war in Syria, art was one of the main methods through which Syrians expressed their experiences amid unprecedented violence and hardships of life.

“Circling” is a short Syrian film that participated in the 9th annual Harlem International Film Festival in the city of New York, 10-14 September, 2014.

The film entailed the life of two female housemates, who differed in principles, opinions and lifestyles, under tense relationships and Syria’s difficult conditions.

“Circling” was directed by Wasim al-Sayed, written by Ali Wajeeh, and produced by the General Establishment of Cinema.

Many Syrian actors and actresses starred in the movie, including: Marwan Abo Shahin, Rana Risha, Nasir Marqabi, Najah Mokhtar and others.

The film won a number of awards, including award of merit in Best Short Films Festival 2013 in California, the golden award in the First Youth Cinema Support and Short Movies Festival in Damascus.

“Circling” also participated in Gwyneth Center International Cinema Festival in last August in Georgia, the United States.

In New York, the movie participated in the Short Movies competition in Colours Awards 2013.


Reporting by: Hussam al-Zieer

Source: ARA News


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