Kobane.. Kurdish city resists extremists’ siege


A file photo showing the enterance of Kobane city, where Kurdish YPG fighters and their supporters enter the city.

ARA News

Kobane, Syria Residents of the Kurdish city of Kobane in northern Syria are suffering sharp shortage of basic supplies, due to the siege imposed by extremists of the Islamic State (IS/ISIL) for months.

Children are reportedly suffering the most under the current siege, mainly with the lack of infant formula, which creates a danger to the growth of newly born infants who are destined to survive one of the most unstable phases in Syria’s history.

In light of the ongoing crisis, the city of Kobane (located at the Turkish border) saw a flourishing black market, where most of the goods are being sold with unaffordable prices amid harsh economic conditions.

“However, those who can afford the high prices of items such as baby formula do not hesitate to head to the black market in the city center, although the prices are five times higher than usual,” one of Kobane’s residents told ARA News. “But how about those unable to afford them? Their children fall victims of the unjust siege of IS terrorists.”

Speaking to ARA News about the lack of basic supplies, pharmacist M.M. said: “For more than a week now, we did not receive any cans of infant formula, not even through the black market. There has also been a severe shortage of main medicines for months.”

“Lack of infant formula and medicine, as well as food items, is caused by the IS siege on Kobane,” the pharmacist said. “Several people who were trying to deliver such items to the city were captured by extremists of IS at the entrance of the city.”

Criticizing smugglers who move illegally between Syria and Turkey to smuggle tobacco, Kurdish activist A.Z. from Kobane said: “Those smugglers would have better smuggled infant formula to save children in the besieged city rather than smuggling tobacco. It’s like bringing death (tobacco) instead of saving lives.”

Residents of the city of Kobane in northern Syria appealed to the international community to provide them with urgent aid shipments to save the lives of thousands of children.


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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