Lebanon renews status of Syrian refugees


Syrian Women and Children, a four-year-old girl runs barefoot in the mud of a refugee camp in Lebanon. File photo

ARA News

Beirut, Lebanon – The Lebanese government’s General Security Department issued a decision on Thursday discharging Syrian refugees from the 200USD annual residency renewal fee.

The decision also entailed resettling the status of Syrians that broke the law whether they legally or illegally entered Lebanon.

“Syrian refugees shall be given a six-month residence permit in Lebanon,” the Lebanese General Security Directorate said.

The Lebanese decision distinguished between two types of settlement, saying: “Legal Syrian refugees who violated the residency law shall be given a six-month temporary residence permit, free of fees, after including the required documents, based on the adopted mechanism for free residency renewal for Syrians.”

“However, free settlement does not apply to Syrians with permanent annual permits, whether comity or those given time to get a work permit,” it read.

As for illegal refugees who violated the residency law, “they shall be given a six-month permit for once only.”

Relief and development organizations in Lebanon thanked the Lebanese authorities for taking those measures for the good of Syrian refugees.

The Lebanese Organizations Forum commented on the issue saying: “It is a humanitarian decision. We hope the Lebanese government will consider the status of Palestinian Syrian refugees as well.”

An earlier decision issued by the Lebanese government stipulated non-payment of fines by Syrians who violated the residency law, in the event they returned to Syria and stayed there for six months at minimum.


Reporting by: Hussam al-Zeer

Source: ARA News

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