After Peshmerga control of Zumar, civilians to return home


Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – Following the withdrawal of the Islamic State’s (IS) militants from Zumar in northern Iraq and the control of the Peshmerga forces over the area, three Kurdish engineering teams arrived in the area earlier this week, to dismount bombs and mines from buildings, roads, schools and governmental institutions in order to enable civilians to return to their homes in Zumar after weeks of displacement.

The Kurdish forces of the Peshmerga announced control of Zumar area last Saturday, following battles with IS militants for weeks.

Following their control over Mosul Dam in northern Iraq, Peshmerga forces chased IS members from three axes where they retook the village of Kerfr (northwest of the city of Mosul) after one day of fierce clashes.

A private Peshmerga unit went deeply into Zumar to chase the remaining IS members, while another army unit continued surrounding the region.

Local sources confirmed that IS militants withdrew to areas southwest of Zumar.

More than 100 IS members were captured while some of them surrendered to the Peshmerga.

“It is difficult to allow citizens to return at the moment due to the huge amounts of explosives and mines left by IS in Zumar,” a Peshmerga-linked source told ARA News.

Meanwhile, Peshmerga army reportedly launched artillery attacks against southwestern areas of Zumar to push IS militants out of the area.

In a relevant context, the road linking Tuz Khurmatu with Amerli was re-opened, which allowed humanitarian aid to be delivered to the village of Amerli which had been recently besieged by the IS group.


Reporting by: Serbaz Yusuf

Source: ARA News

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