State of terror overshadows IS-held Mosul


Militant fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS) stand guard at a checkpoint in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. File photo

ARA News

Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan – The Islamic State’s (IS) extremists launched a campaign of arrest and murder against civilians in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq, on charges of cooperating with the Iraqi government.

According to local sources in Mosul, IS militants also executed several doctors who refused to treat their injured fellow fighters.

The same sources told ARA News that the Islamic State in Mosul beheaded six women “who refused to wear veils”.

Meanwhile, On Friday IS captured several members of Jobour clan in the city of Mosul and transferred them to a detention center in the village of al-Hod (60km south of Mosul). At least two of the detainees were executed by IS militants, local sources told ARA News on the phone.

“Extremists of the Islamic State have also burnt several houses which belonged to members of the Jobour clan in Nineveh province in northern Iraq,” the sources reported.

Amid the mounting atrocities of IS militants, the latter broke into the house of the former Iraqi MP, Zaina al-Anezi, in the city of Mosul on Saturday. “They executed her in front of her house,” eyewitnesses said.

After carrying out such executions, militant fighters of the Islamic State refuse to hand the bodies of the victims over to their families.

“IS keeps the bodies of most of the victims in the building of ‘Judicial Department’ in central Mosul, refusing to hand over the corpses to the victims’ families,” a resident of Mosul, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, told ARA News.

Among the doctors who refused to treat wounded members of IS was Dr. Ghada Shafiq.

Shafiq, who was a surgeon in the General Hospital of Mosul, was found dead in a street next to the hospital on Sunday.

“Dr. Shafiq was evidently stabbed by a knife several consecutive times until she lost her life,” a staff member in Mosul General Hospital said.

The Islamic State (IS/ISIS/ISIL) imposed the veil on all women in the city of Mosul, including the medical staff in the city’s hospitals. However, a number of female doctors and nurses went on strike against the IS edict.

“If they (female doctors and nurses) obey such a decision, they will be soon demand more, like giving up their profession,” an Iraqi doctor in Mosul argued. “Wearing veils is not suitable for the medical staff and is not religiously binding. We should protest against the suppression of the Islamic State. Many brave people here are willing to die rather than become slaves in the state of terror led by those barbarian terrorists.”

The doctor demanded the international and legal organizations to immediately interfere to save people and get IS out of Mosul “as life has become unbearable” in the city.

The Islamic State’s militants controlled Mosul on June 10, 2014, following the withdrawal of the Iraqi Army forces, leaving their weapons and supplies to IS.


Reporting by: Serbaz Yusif

Source: ARA News

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