ISIL receives reinforcements to continue the battle for Kobane


Militants of the Islamic State in Kobane received military reinforcements on Saturday to continue the struggle against the Kurdish forces. File photo

ARA News

Kobane, Syria – Bahoz Shekho, leader of the Democratic Society Movement TEV-DEM (PYD affiliate) in Kobane, northern Syria, told ARA News that the offensive force of  the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) “was broken by the U.S.-led international coalition and the Kurdish forces”.

“The YPG (Kurdish forces of the Popular Protection Units) has now moved from a defensive strategy to an offensive strategy, and regained control of more than 90% of the area,” Shekho said.

The Media Center of the Popular Protection Units (YPG) issued a statement, of which ARA News received a copy, saying that the Islamic State is bringing reinforcements from headquarters in Jarablus, Tel Abyad (Gire Spi) and Raqqa to support militants who are fighting in Kobane.

Regarding the ongoing clashes in Kobane, the YPG Media Center reported “the terrorists of IS attacked Kanya Kurda area south of Kobane in an attempt to re-occupy areas that have been liberated (by the Kurdish forces), and in the east of the city IS militants tried to attack the municipal building from two sides, but our YPG fighters repulsed the attack”.

According to the MC, no Saturday the YPG fighters, supported by the U.S.-led airstrikes, stopped the progress of the insurgents in the vicinity of Mount Mishtanoor.

Meanwhile, a military source told ARA News that the extremists of IS bombed a stronghold of the YPG in central Kobane, after targeting the location with several mortar shells.

The same source reported clashes between the Kurdish forces and IS militant fighters near the Aboush farm in western Kobane.

“At least eighteen IS terrorists were killed and one military vehicle was destroyed during the clashes, while 3 YPG fighters were reported dead,” the military source told ARA News in Kobane.

The IS attacks against Kobane started nearly 35 days ago, but the Kurdish forces as well as the international coalition’s air force, prevented the radical group from achieving its goal in controlling the city at the Turkish border.


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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