Peshmerga forces start anti-IS operations in Kobane


Forces of the Peshmerga entering Kobane through Turkey

ARA News 

Kobane, Syria – The Peshmerga forces, who have joined the fight in Kobane, announced that they –in cooperation with the People’s Protection Units (YPG)– launched attacks against the Islamic State group (IS/ISIS) in the city and have caused large losses in the ranks of the extremist group.

According to military sources, the Peshmerga initiated the establishment of a joint operations’ chamber together with the Kurdish fighters of the YPG and rebels of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Kobane. 

Military sources in the embattled city told ARA News that the Peshmerga forces and the YPG clashed with the IS radical group on Saturday and caused the latter large losses in militants personnel and equipment, especially in the IS-held village of Kikan located east of the city where fumes and flames rose from IS strongholds. 

For his part, Major General Abdul Majid Haji, the commander of the Peshmerga forces in Kobane, told reporters that the Peshmerga on Saturday evening in cooperation with YPG foiled on an attack by IS terrorists from the western side of Kobane and directed a knockdown of the radical group. 

Major General Haji added that IS extremists have been attacking the western neighborhoods of Kobane for the past three days in order to control the road of Girke Kobane in an attempt to prevent the Peshmerga forces from entering the city. 

“But we faced them with heavy weapons and we were able to deter them without any casualties to our forces ranks,” said Haji. “The Peshmerga killed dozens militants and destroyed many IS-led military vehicles”.

Major General Haji added that the Peshmerga forces met on Saturday evening with leaders of the YPG and the FSA and decided to form a joint operations’ chamber in Kobane.

“The establishment of such a chamber is needed to confront the IS terrorists through joint plans to expel them from Kobane in the coming days. However, we will start from tomorrow to face IS militants with new joint plans,” he said  

Local sources told ARA News that the Kurdish Peshmerga forces are attacking the IS group with heavy weapons such as Katyusha rockets, and are backed by the U.S.-led coalition’s warplanes which launch continuous raids against IS strongholds in Kobane. 

The clashes between the YPG forces and the IS militias in the Syrian city of Kobane entered their 49th day, while the FSA and the Peshmerga forces began to provide support for the YPG during the past two days. 

Officers of the Peshmerga are expected to train the YPG fighters on the use of heavy weapons, and at the same time will ensure supporting the anti-IS fighters in Kobane with artillery and Katyusha rockets. 

At least 155 Peshmerga fighters have joined the conflict in Kobane so far. 


Reporting by: Jan Ali

Source: ARA News

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