U.S.-led coalition destroys two ISIS military units in Kobane


U.S. warplane flying above Kobane in preparation for striking ISIS locations. File photo

ARA News

Suruc, Turkey – On Sunday, the U.S.-led international coalition’s warplanes bombed sites of the Islamic State’s (IS/ISIS) extremists in Kobane, northern Syria.

The coalition’s strikes destroyed two IS major military units, Kurdish military sources reported. 

Speaking to ARA News, the fighter in the ranks of the People’s Protection Units (YPG), Khaled Minas, said that the coalition’s warplanes carried out two air strikes on the IS centers in the eastern and western slopes of Mishta Noor’s hill, causing destruction of the IS main strongholds there. 

“The new reinforcements of heavy weapons and armored vehicles received by the terrorists in Kobane, are aimed to help the group to progress to the city center,” Khaled said. 

Also on Sunday, the Media Center of the YPG issued a statement saying that the IS terrorists “cannot withstand the resistance shown by the YPG and YPJ (Women Protection Units) fighters in Kobane”. 

“The defending forces of Kobane forced IS terrorists to move from an offensive strategy to defensive position,” the YPG said. 

According to the statement, the YPG carried out a “heroic operation” against the terrorist groups stationed on the road leading to Aleppo.

“The YPG’s operation resulted in the death of at least two terrorists.” 

The Media Center pointed out that clashes renewed between the defending forces of the city and the militant fighters of the IS group in the eastern neighborhoods on Sunday.

“No casualties were reported in the clashes.” 

Noteworthy, subsequent to fierce clashes with the Islamic State’s insurgents on Saturday, the defending forces of Kobane regained control of the Yarmouk School and the Cultural Center building in central and southern parts of the city.


Reporting by: Mohammed Ali Ahmed

Source: ARA News

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