Terrorist attack causes injuries in Istanbul


Turkish policemen. File photo

ARA News

Istanbul, Turkey – A woman opened fire at a gathering of Turkish police in Taksim Square in Istanbul, injuring a number of them, sources reported.

Firas Sayyid, a Syrian citizen who works in a cafe overlooking the square in central Istanbul, told ARA News that “a blonde girl, of medium height, fired at a gathering of Turkish police with a machine gun,  and then ran away after taking off her coat and throwing down her weapon”.

“She ran towards one of the streets branching from Istiklal Major Street and disappeared among the public,” Sayyid added.

A state of panic and confusion prevailed among bystanders in Taksim Square on Friday evening, which is considered one of the main tourist attractions of the city and always packed with tourists and visitors from around the world. The square is an extension of Istiklal Street, which is one of the oldest and most famous streets in the city of Istanbul.

On Saturday, the police began to publish photos of the suspect taken by security cameras. Copies of her picture were distributed to passers-by in the vicinity of the attack.

This comes after a number of similar incidents in Istanbul. Last month, a woman carried out a terrorist attack in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul, causing the death of a member of the security forces and the injury of others.


Reporting by: Mustafa Hamed

Source: ARA News

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