Yezidis in diaspora show solidarity with Iraqi peers after a year of ISIS invasion into Shingal


Yezidi refugees in Viranşehir camp, southern Turkey. File photo: ARA News

ARA News

Cologne, Germany – The Yezidi community in Germany held the first anniversary of the tragic events that took place in Shingal, in northern Iraq, against their peers at the hands of the extremist group Islamic State (IS/ISIS). 

In August 2014, militants of ISIS took over the Yezidi region, executed hundreds of civilians and abducted about 5838 Yezidis, mostly women and children.

According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Iraqi Kurdistan, more than 2000 of the abducted Yezidis were freed, while the fate of the rest remains unknown.

Speaking to ARA News in Cologne, Hinda Ali Peshimam, an Iraqi Yezidi woman who escaped ISIS atrocities in Shingal and participated in the first anniversary of the Yezidi tragedy with her peers in Germany, said:  

“One year has passed on the horrible events of Shingal, but we can never forget the innocent victims of ISIS barbarism. The Yezidi minority has suffered many suppressive practices over decades, but none has been so tragic as what we suffered last year at the hands of ISIS terrorists.”

“We gathered here today to remember our victims and show determination to rescue Shingal from ISIS terrorists. In these (Yezidi) holy days of Eid Shekhadi and Malak Shekhsen, we all pray with hope that peace would find its way to our Yezidi people all over the world, and that Shingal would celebrate its liberation soon,” she said. 

Despite the brutal atrocities they endured at the hands of ISIS terrorists, Yezidi people remain optimistic with the advance of Kurdish forces against the radical group in Shingal, hoping a speed liberation for Shingal region and the return of the abductees. 

Reporting by: Ali Isso

Source: ARA News

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