Peshmerga repels ISIS chemical attack in Makhmour


Kurdish Peshmerga forces stand guard near the oil-rich city of Kirkuk against Islamic State extremists. File photo

ARA News

ERBIL – The Peshmerga forces of Iraqi Kurdistan have repelled an attack by the radical group of Islamic State (ISIS), during which the group was planning to use chlorine gas against the Kurdish troops in a military base near Erbil, leadership of the Peshmerga said in a statement. 

The Peshmerga army released Saturday a statement, of which ARA News received a copy, saying: “On Nov. 26, ISIS extremists tried to launch several chemical mortar shells on the village of Lakja in the area of Baqirt –linked to the district of Makhmour where the Peshmerga forces are stationed.” 

“The Peshmerga soldiers, who were aware for the terror operation, foiled the chemical attack before executed. Our engineering units were able to defuse these mortars before launched by ISIS,” the Peshmerga said. 

The Kurdish leadership pointed out the area in which the mortar bases were installed are 22 km to the south from Makhmour.

On September 2, Security Council of the Kurdistan Region said: “On Tuesday, at 11.30 am, ISIS militants launched a missile on the Peshmerga’s headquarters near Mosul Dam. The attack led to the injury of one fighter from our forces who was immediately transferred to a nearby hospital.”

“In coordination with the international coalition, we keep investigating the issue after gathering the remains of the rocket launched by the terror group at the military base,” the statement read.

The Kurdistan security council demanded the Region’s government to send the needed equipment to the Kurdish fighters based in the Makhmour district and Mosul Dam to protect them from any possible attacks with chemical weapons used by ISIS extremists.

In the meantime, Kurdish officials reported that ISIS carried out three chemical attacks against the Kurdish Peshmerga forces with mortars and that the laboratory analyses have demonstrated using the “chlorine gas”.

The Peshmerga Ministry emphasized in an earlier statement that ISIS radicals launched in January 2015 an attack on the Kurdish forces in which signs of chlorine gas were seen. ISIS attacked the Kurdish forces with chemical weapons at least four times this year.

Reporting by: Muhammad Ali  

Source: ARA News

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