Al-Qaeda ‘Emir’ killed in Syria’s Idlib


Militants of Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (formerly Nusra Front). File photo

ARA News

ALEPPO – Al-Qaeda branch in Syria, Nusra Front, announced on Wednesday the death of its “Emir” in the town of Ariha in Idlib province in an attack by gunmen. 

Abu Ateeq al-Adel was killed along with one of his escorts when their car was attacked by a group of gunmen in Ariha town. 

The Nusra leadership did not blame any party for the killing of al-Adel, saying the gunmen were masked. 

Speaking to ARA News in Idlib, media activist Nasser Teljbini said that the Qaeda Emir in Airha was killed when an explosive device attached to his car was detonated. 

“The car exploded on the main street of central Ariha on Wednesday evening. Abu Ateeq al-Adel and one of his escorts were killed in the explosion,” Teljbini reported. 

However, the Nusra Front said in a statement that al-Adel and his escort were executed by firing squad. 

This comes just one week after the Nusra top commander Anas Abu Nabbut, aka Abu Abdullah, was killed by gunmen in Daraa city, southern Syria. 

Abu Abdullah, a prominent Jordanian member of al-Qaeda, was known for his opposition to the Islamic State group (ISIS). He led several battles against ISIS in southern Syria over the past few months. 

Pro-Nusra activists accused ISIS of ‘assassinating Abu Abdullah’ in a bid to impede Nusra’s progress in Syria’s southern province of Daraa. However, none of the armed groups in Syria has claimed responsibility for the killing of Abu Abdullah. 

Reporting by: Hozan Mamo 

Source: ARA News

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